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Govert Muijs

Govert Muijs is known as a multitalented artist. Besides his paintings of cars he also made decors for the theater and the moviescene. For the last 17 years Govert specialized in wallpaintings. The last 8 years were dedicated to painting of classic motorcars. The artist himself explains his passion for oldtimers as follows: "a boy's dream that's not yet achieved". His father worked in car sales and this could have played a role on developing the ability of Govert to perceive the beauty of a car. This specialization of Govert isn't an easy one, because if you want to be successful in painting cars you need to have a lot of knowledge about perspective. Govert explains his succes to his ability to harmonise colors and thinking out of the box, which is something you can clearly see in his paintings. For example: A person who has one foot in the painting and one foot out, or the car that places it's wheel outside the paintings frame. If you wan't to see his work, follow this link "portfolio". For a price review please fill out the form on this page "contact". Enjoy your stay on my website.